Tehachapi Amateur Radio Association - AC6EE


TARA is a group of ham radio enthusiasts of all ages who enjoy all aspects of the art/science, including public service, emergency communications, disaster preparedness, ARES, CERT, DXing, NPOTA, SOTA, redio experimentation and more.

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TARA is affiliated with the ARRL, the national association for Amateur Radio.

Kern County Parks On The Air

Since hams all over Kern County had so much fun with last year's National Parks On The Air, there is going to be a Kern County Parks On The Air (KCPOTA) where you will get to activate or chase 65 Kern County Parks from April 28th through July 1st.

See our Upcoming events for more information.

High Desert Trail Rally

On May 6th, 2017, many of us will be teamed up to provide communications for the NASA Rally Sport High Desert Trails rally car race.  We've enjoyed this event for a few years now.

See our Upcoming events for more information.

2017 ARRL International DX Contest

We had a great time at the QTH of AH6TX, using his Flex 6500 SDR radio, hex-beam and COMTEC 40M vertical. Many people showed up, and we all had a great time with operating, food and fellowship.  Thank you, Howard!

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