Tehachapi Amateur Radio Association - AC6EE

Repeater information

To prepare yourself for effective repeater use, please check out Bob Witte's VHF FM Operating Guide.  It's full of great instruction and information useful to hams both old and new:


TARA Repeater:          147.060+     88.5 Tone --------- Down at this time - most likely won't go back up.

TARA Repeater:          224.220-     156.7 Tone -------- KA6PTJ, Open Machine TARA (being rebuilt)

TARA Digipeater:        144.390       No Tone ----------- KA6PTJ-3, APRS digipeater

BVS Repeater:            146.700-      123.0 Tone ------- W6SLZ, Open Machine (EMCOMM backup 145.580 simplex)

BVS Repeater:            440.625+      88.5 Tone -------- W6SLZ, Open Machine on the WINS

BVS Digipeater:          144.390        No Tone ---------- WA6LDQ-3, APRS Digipeater

Tehachapi Repeater:  442.925+      131.8  Tone ------ KI6HHU, Open Machine - More Info@kernsystem.net

Tehachapi Repeater:  444.425+      100 Hz Tone ----- KG6KKV, Open Machine


These 3 repeaters are part of the KERN Linked Repeater SystemThe 3 repeaters listed here can be hit form locations in Tehachapi.  Follow this link to learn about the system: http://www.kernsystem.org/

447.860 - PL 141.3 Frazier Mt 8000'

442.925 + PL 141.3 Cummings Mt (Serves S San Joaquin Valley) 7800'

446.320 - PL 141.3 Double Mt. (Tehachapi) 8000'

ARRG Linked Repeater System

This repeater can be hit form locations in Tehachapi.  Follow this link to learn about the system: http://markis100.wixsite.com/arrg-repeater-system

444.425 plus 100 Cummings Mt. Tehachapi Ca.

All the repeaters on the system are linked full time.

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