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Upcoming events

Kern County Parks On The Air

Since hams all over Kern County had so much fun with last year's National Parks On The Air, there is going to be a Kern County Parks On The Air (KCPOTA) where you will get to activate or chase 65 Kern County Parks from April 28th through July 1st.

KCPOTA will be primarily a VHF/UHF event, with a special HF even on July 1st. There will be multiple ways to participate and make OSOs for this despite the VHF/UHF format.

Of the 65 parks, two are in Tehachapi, Tehachapi Veterans Hall and Tehachapi Mountain Park.

For more information and rules, visit www.kcpota.com.

High Desert Trail Rally

On May 6th, 2017, many of us will be teamed up to provide communications for the NASA Rally Sport High Desert Trails rally car race.  The race is based out of Ridgecrest, CA, but we are usually posted along Jawbone Canyon road.  All you need to participate is a car or truck that you don't mind getting a little dirty and a capable VHF rig.  It's a long but fun day with cool rally car action.

To volunteer, visit 2017 High Desert Trails Rally.  You can request that you be on the Tehachapi hams team if you wish.

Visit NASA Rally Sport to learn what it is all about.


TARA will again be participating in the ARRL Field Day this year on June 24th and 25th, 2017 at Brite Lake Aquatic Recreation Area, 22902 Banducci Rd, Tehachapi, CA 93561.  

Field Day is a weekend where hams deploy a field operation over a 48 hour period, away from home, preferably without ground power.  The general public is encouraged to visit, participate and learn about amateur radio.

If you'd like to visit our field day, just ell the park staff that you're there for the ham radio event to get the usage fee waived.

We will be announcing more information as the time nears.  Phil Dolber (W6WBT) is our FD chairman and is putting together a real good effort.  The bands will be challenging again this year as Cycle 24 continues to be a anomaly for the scientific community to study.  Cycle 24 is showing some strange behavior that we as Hams will have to contend with.

Visit ARRL Field Day to learn more.

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