Tehachapi Amateur Radio Association - AC6EE

Who we are

We are the Tehachapi Amateur Radio Association (TARA), a group of ham radio enthusiasts based in the mountains between Mojave and Bakersfield, California, off of Highway 58 in the city of Tehachapi, California.

We gather together hams from all of the communities and towns in our region to enjoy the many aspects of the amateur radio art/science, including education, DXing, EmComm, SOTA, public service, ARRES, CERT, ARRL Field Day, radio experimentation, fellowship and just plain fun.

Presently we have 36 members of which 6 are husband and wife hams.

Any comments or suggestions are most welcome. Please mail them to the club.

TARA at P.O. Box 1681, Tehachapi, CA 93581

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